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American access to health care [Jan. 3rd, 2018|03:03 pm]
[Current Mood |annoyedannoyed]

So... my doctor referred me to a physical therapist for my knee. The pain is enough that it's keeping me awake at night now.

They wouldn't give me the name or number of the PT they referred me to - "They'll call you within the next couple of days to schedule an appointment."

They didn't call. Didn't call. I called my doctor's office back last week, and they told me they'd follow up and have the PT call me no later than Jan 2nd.

They did not.

I called my doctor's office back again today. This time, the receptionist asked me how come I didn't call the PT myself. "You mean the PT whose name and number you wouldn't give me?" I asked her.
She then gave me the name and number of the PT. It turns out they're part of the same organization.

So... why couldn't they have just made the appointment directly from my doctor's office in the first place? (Hell, my dentist and endodontist could do that and they're not even affiliated.)

Anyway, yes, I finally got an appointment. For the 18th. More than a month after the initial visit. I am not happy with you today, Oregon Medical Group.

Good thing I have really good private insurance through my work. ("What insurance do you have" was the very first question the receptionist asked me - even before my name or why I was calling.) I've heard horror stories of countries where they have socialized medicine and it can sometimes take up to two weeks to see a specialist!