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Four years ago today. - Pat [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Four years ago today. [Jan. 1st, 2018|09:32 pm]

I've been kind of enjoying watching the Lainey saga unfold in my Facebook memories. It's much more pleasant from this side of it all.

Here's the entry from four years ago today, in it's new location: https://plutherus.dreamwidth.org/514128.html

What I didn't know then, and found out later:
Apparently been hiding somewhere nearby watching because she tried again to get into the apartment as soon as I was out. So, probably best that I'd changed the locks.

When I texted her to see if she was done, she ignored it until the next day. That morning, she went to the manager and told them she'd lost her key and asked to be let in. That's how she found out that I'd been in constant communication with them the whole time. Apparently, it never occurred to her that I would talk to the landlord during that whole time.

She sent me a series of angry, threatening texts the next day, and I replied to each one that she could come by one time to get the rest of her stuff. She finally agreed to a date and time and did so. And got mad that, during the time I didn't hear from her, I'd thrown out the pot from her camera bag (it was illegal at the time and I didn't want it in my apartment during any kind of legal dispute). (Many of you were there for that part - I had what I called a combination game night and violence prevention party - figuring that having a bunch of witnesses would keep whatever guy she brought to help her from starting anything.

At any rate, thanks once again everybody. It was definitely a very good start to that year.