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Wolves. [Aug. 12th, 2017|05:00 pm]
[Current Mood |contemplativecontemplative]

Wolves are so beautiful.

People talk about saving the wolves, and show studies about the importance of apex predators. They point to the Wolves in Yellowstone story, and all the amazing changes their re-introduction wrought, and how the entire ecosystem in that park is now so much healthier.

They point out the extreme rarity of wolf attacks on humans (you're statistically far, far more likely to be accidentally killed by a hunter hunting wolves than by wolves.)

They point out that the published numbers of livestock killed by wolves are greatly inflated (the state pays for livestock killed by wolves, but not by disease. Since there's virtually no enforcement or oversight, guess which one most deaths are reported as?)

But there's also the fact that wolves are beautiful, majestic creatures.

Shouldn't that fact alone be enough to want to save them? What is wrong with a society where it is not?