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She's a biologist, you see... - Pat [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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She's a biologist, you see... [Jun. 17th, 2017|10:50 pm]
[Tags|, ]

1000: “Yeah, it’s very similar to the one my wife uses.”

And... that's a thousand! Round number so I figured I should say something. If I'd kept up posting one every single day as I'd originally intended, it would have been just under three years now. But instead it's a bit over four. C'est la vie. I'm on the second draft -- I decided not to restart the numbering, so second and third draft will still keep the same numbering, and I'll still keep posting random sentences throughout.

There was a bit of a setback when I discovered a huge chunk of the novel near the beginning had somehow been deleted without me noticing it until now. Fortunately, I still have the paper originals, but it's going to take significantly longer to type them in *and* edit them to fit than just to edit the already typed/slightly edited versions. C'est la vie aussi, I guess. Anyway, Chapter Three still underway. Hopefully by the end of next week.

I kinda like this part, though: When I first wrote this, I didn't know that Aaron's wife was a biologist (Actually, a PhD biology student at PSU). It comes up later on, but circumstances allowed me to mention it here, so it doesn't seem so out-of-nowhere later. Instead it looks like a quick throw-away line, but that later becomes important, which will make me look far more clever than I actually am :)