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Fuck. [Apr. 7th, 2017|11:06 am]

I just learned that one of my oldest friends, Hermes, passed away. I don't know exactly when or how. For the last ten years or so, contact was sporadic. A couple of times a year there'd be a bunch of exchanges of emails, texts, or facebook messages. Mutual promises that we'd get together soon, whenever we found ourselves in nearby cities, as we both moved around the country. We never did. And now we never will.

Back in the 90s, we were close. In those days of living hand to mouth, we'd often borrow money from each other, depending on who had any at any given time. He crashed on my couch for a while when he was between apartments and jobs. I did the same on his when I was. When we founded Geeks Without Borders a decade and a half ago, he was the first to jump in and joined the board.

I last heard from him a couple of months ago. He sent me a document he'd written, a reaction to the recent election. We chatted briefly on facebook messenger and I promised him I'd read it when I got the chance and we'd talk again then. One thing drives out another, and I never got around to it. Like many promises of things I'd do throughout my life, I'd forgotten all about it as other distractions came up. Today, I finally opened it up and read it. It was full of details of his life, most of which I'd known either earlier or hearing about or experiencing them as they happened. Using his personal experiences as examples, he lamented the brokenness of our political systems. He decried the hypocrisy, the inherent racism, and the blatant unfairness of it all. It was an organized summary of a lot of the issues we'd been discussing since the early 90s, talking over coffee in the garden at the Pied Cow, or wine in Bonnie and Twayn's basement. Hating the system but optimistic about it being possible to fix.

I wished I'd read it when I'd had a chance, and met up and talked in person when we were both in nearby cities. But I never did, and now it's too late.

Good-bye Hermes. You were a good person, and you will be missed.