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Taxes! [Feb. 1st, 2017|10:28 pm]

Well, I finished my taxes.

I found out on Monday that somebody at my company had emailed out all of our W-2s, plus a compiled list of all social security numbers, full names, birthdays, home addresses, and phone numbers for every current and former employee for the last five years in response to a phishing scam. Joy.

In recompense, they did give us a single free year to a company called lifelock which, judging from the criminal conviction of their founder, and the numerous fraud charges, lawsuits, and contempt of court rulings since then, is very likely a scam in and of itself.

Several employees have since reported that fraudulent tax returns have been filed using their information. So, I finished my return today, trying to beat the scammers. The efile went through, so I may have. But the IRS will accept or reject it within three days, they say. So I guess I'll know in three days whether everything's fine or if I'm going to have to deal with constant fraud fighting and a destroyed credit score for the next several years. So, you know, yeah, no anxiety there.