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Boycott Trump? [Jan. 14th, 2017|10:50 am]
[Tags|, ]

So, I've seen this, and other things like it, posted to Facebook recently: https://www.democraticcoalition.org/boycott

I am not going to boycott the trump brand. There should be no trump brand. The President of the United States is far too important of a position for him to be even in a position where he *could* be making policy decisions based on what would enrich his personal business empire.

Yes, I know that, technically, as long as none of the money he makes comes from any foreign official (e.g., foreign governments paying for their people to stay in the trump hotels) then it's technically legal. But it's far, far, from ethical.

So, no, I won't be boycotting his brand. I'll be insisting that he end his brand immediately, put all the money into an actual blind trust (like many things, just saying the words isn't enough), and I'll insist on constant oversight from congress.

To do any less would be allowing the President to have special privileges, placing him above the law, which is as un-American as you can get.