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WTF? [Nov. 9th, 2016|12:20 am]

So, it looks like a major across-the-board victory for the GOP. They've most likely won the house, the senate, and the presidency. And, thanks to their obstructionism, the supreme court as well.

The politics of hate, fear, ignorance, and bigotry have won. That sucks.

A lot of people will lose health care. A lot of people will suffer and die because of it. Possibly including me. I have a couple of "pre-existing conditions" that could be used to disqualify me from anything that insurers might deem too costly.

A lot of bigots are going to feel emboldened and of those who have been saying how they can't wait for Trump to be president so they can finally lay it on those , some few will act on it. They'll be surprised when they get caught and it turns out their actions are still against the law, but that won't help their victims. We won't get civil war over it. But probably get a few mass shootings.

I could rant, but what would be the point. I probably will tomorrow. Maybe I'll think of a point by then. For now, I've taken a couple of benadryl and I'm going to sleep.