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Third presidential debate - Pat [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Third presidential debate [Oct. 19th, 2016|07:55 pm]
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And that's it. Went about like expected. Hillary talked policy, and attacked Donald for being a nasty piece of shit. Donald said really she's the nasty one and couldn't even begin to explain how any of his policies would work. "Trust me" "It's a secret".

The fact that anyone can take this sniffing clown seriously is beyond me. I'm not sure what's worse, that he claims he has a fool proof plan for defeating ISIS but he can't tell anyone because it's a secret but trust him it's brilliant, or the fact that there are actually people who believe such nonsense.

Not to mention everything else. I wonder what the genesis is of that "$1500" that Hillary's people paid people to cause violence at his rallies. Is that just bizarre spin on something that actually happened, or is it made up whole cloth? His statements tend to be a mixture of those two things.

Hillary's foundation being used to purchase access? That probably happens. I would be surprised if it did not. Would be better if it didn't, but it probably does. And all the money in it goes to charitable work. Not ideal, but it's not worse than Donald's foundation being used purely to launder money for Donald and buy giant gaudy crap to flatter himself with. Oh, and also very blatantly used to purchase access to Donald.

The content of Hillary's emails mostly show a politician. The emails show a lot of political maneuvering, and a lot of behind the scenes deals. Which is what politics is. Also, a lack of respect for Bernie's followers, characterizing them as out of touch dreamers who are mostly unemployed people with middle class parents. I disagree, but it hardly disqualifies her from the presidency.

Donald on the other hand is a racist misogynist idiot who regularly incites violence, constantly claims he's never said or done things he's been recorded saying or doing, makes things up, has been a crooked businessman his whole life. He's been investigated even more than Hillary, but unlike her has been found guilty numerous times, losing dozens of lawsuits and settling hundreds out of court. And, often, bragging about the laws he's broken shortly before he turns around and claims that he has no idea where his opposition gets these claims that he's broken them.

So we have a well qualified but mostly status quo politician on one side versus a game show host who has openly bragged that he's always going to use any laws he can to benefit only himself no matter who gets crushed in the mean time. Oh, and that he's going to somehow Make America Great again, but has no specific policies other than Build a Wall and Defeat ISIS With A Secret Plan.

That fact that this buffoon has any supporters at all is a sad commentary on the state of education and the lack of critical thinking ability in this country.