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Air travel [Oct. 17th, 2016|05:04 am]
[Tags|, ]

Well that wasn't too bad I guess.
Made it to the airport, and past security, and now I have a 45 minute wait until they start boarding.

Getting in here was annoying, of course. Because TSA and the airlines are apparently determined to suck every bit of joy out of the awesomeness that is human flight.

They made a valiant effort, but ultimately failed.

At the front gate I learned that all the free seat assignments had been taken, so if I wanted to get on this flight I had to buy one of the paid seats. Yes, they charge you extra to get a seat, after you've purchased a ticket.

It also costs extra to check a bag. The woman working the counter, though, after I complained about that, pointed out that a first class upgrade, which comes with a free bag check, was only a few dollars more than a bag check plus window seat. So I did that. Which I fully intend to expense. The company should have bought me a seat when they bought the tickets.

But they probably had no idea either, because who would think of such a ridiculous thing?

Security line was the usual no sense. Take off your and coat. Unpack your bags. Scatter all your belongings across three runs and the rollers, then scramble to find everything before it all gets stolen. I think I got everything, including my medicine which had fallen out of the bag that they opened and tossed sideways onto the conveyer belt so the rollers on the other side spit it out onto the floor.

TSA agent told me to move along as I was crawling under the belt to get the bottle. Without thinking (I wa kinda tired and annoyed at the time) I told him to shut up. I guess he was as out of it as I was at the time, because he just left. Which, come to think of it now, was kinda weird and not what I would have expected had I been thinking.

But now I'm at the gate. Had a light breakfast and got a bottle of water (you can't bring your own in of course, but they sell it here. Theirs is special non-exploding water, of course, which is better for you anyway.

But, soon, I'll be flying, and probably into the office by about 8, which is actually sooner than I normally get into work when I'm at the office that's 10' away from my bedroom.