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2nd Presidential debate - Pat [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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2nd Presidential debate [Oct. 9th, 2016|07:38 pm]
[Tags|, ]

Hillary is again advocating a no-fly zone, partly as leverage against Russia.

"When we can cooperate with Russia, we would. Like I did..." Numerous times. Nice.

"She talks tough against Russia but she doesn't know Russia." It was less than fifteen minutes ago when he was defending his Russia deals by claiming he didn't know anything about Russia.

Russia is new in terms of Nuclear. What??!

"I disagree and I haven't spoken to him." He's talking about Mike Pence!

"There are reasons why the military sometimes does that." (Warn specific areas before we bomb them)
"I can't think of any."
Well, maybe we'd prefer a president who *can* think of things like that.

He's whining about them constantly interrupting him every time he talks over her.

Sniiiiiifffff! What the hell. I actually didn't buy the coke thing last time, but I'm seriously beginning to wonder. He can't come close to answering any questions.

His solution to a divided nation and racial tension is... Hillary said deplorables.

Question about his discipline? Benghazi!

"You sent a horrible tweet."
"A lot of people use Twitter. It is a good platform."

Dude, the question isn't attacking Twitter. It's about *what* you tweet.

Supreme Court Justice:
Hillary: Criteria are experience, reverse Citizens United, safeguard voting rights, stick with Roe v. Wade, and marriage equality. Emphasizes Citizens United as a bad idea. Also, a dig toward the senates refusal to vote on Supreme Court Justice.

Trump: Scalia died recently. He's looking for more like him. Also the Second Amendment.

He's claiming he's funding his own campaign again. But he's not.

Energy is under siege by Obama?
If we stop hampering our energy companies and allow them to make profits they will stop going out of business and pay off the national debt.

We are now energy independent? I want a fact check on that. (Hillary's claim for once).

One thing you respect about the other:
Hillary: His children. Basically, he must have done something right as they turned out well.
Donald: she doesn't quit. She doesn't give up.
Hm. Not a bad answer, really. He's still a horrible person and half his followers are irredeemable deplorables, but it's a good answer.