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My day so far [Feb. 26th, 2016|02:58 pm]
Them: "I need things put in a place"
Me: "OK. I can put things in places. What things and what place?"
Them: "Is it done yet?"
"No. I cannot do it until I know what Thing and what Place"
"Thing A and B in place X"
"OK. There is a problem in that Things A and B don't exist. Also, X isn't a place"
"Oh. We meant to put Things A and C in place X."
"Thing C exists, but Thing A still does not. Also, X still isn't a place."
"In that case, just put Thing C into place X."
"OK, when you say Place X do you mean Place Sort-of-like X? Because Place Sort-of-like X is a real place that exists, but X is not."
Them: "We'll get back to you."
... two hour later ...
My Boss: "Why are you telling Them that Thing C doesn't exist? I can see it now."