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Slightly edited from a conversation I just had. - Pat [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Slightly edited from a conversation I just had. [Feb. 12th, 2016|02:15 pm]
Dev 1: The .jar that was deployed to qa2 was bad. I kicked off a new build of it while I was out last night, but I was on the bar's wifi, so didn't change anything. Check it, though, that one may be good.
Dev 2: It was not. I made some changes while I was carpooling in today and rebuilt those.
TPM: So which one's which?
Me: I've updated the spreadsheet and put an X through [Dev 1]'s original so it doesn't get confusing. The tested ones have asterisks next to them.
TPM: So which one's the good one?
Me: The .jar that is marred was built in the bar, but the .jar from the car is marked with a star.