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Notes from the Second Platypus Consortium - Pat [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Notes from the Second Platypus Consortium [Jan. 15th, 2016|04:10 pm]

Here are my notes on the presentations of the Second Platypus Consortium.

As before, these are simply the notes I jotted down during the talks. They are not exhaustive summaries, and are unlikely to be complete, representative, or accurate in any way.

Presenters are of course free to enter any corrections or clarifications, or post their actual papers in the comments, either on LiveJournal or Facebook.

The topic of this meeting was "Technology"

First Presentation: Patrick Cromwell
- Rambling, or whatever
- Tech & Entertainment from ontological viewpoint
- Assertion
- Utility of various stuff, including Candy Crush and Trump
- AFP quote
- "Money, cash, hoes" - Jay Z.
- Ent. Crosses all levels
- lots of stuff real fast
- donations accepted

Second Presentation: Chantel Saban
"Where Does the Internet Go?"
PCs communicate, incl. e-commerce and cats
- But they're wrong (all)
- origin was cave paintings
- all caves were extincted in the holocene
- infranet - graffiti on walls (non-europe didn't communicate, just had squiggles)
- white guys and porn
- porn chunks #1
-- But conspiracy and cats are also important
- Other stuff is there too.
- Donations accepted
- What about Pleistocene refresh rate?
- Not Europe, therefore irrelavent
- Tesla & brain circuit - will it fear rejection?
- See #2, cat videos

Presentation #3: Makaela
- VR goggles & increasing Something
- Make alternate realities
-- There more alternate universes created
- Occulus rift-energy splits off more realities
- thus headaches - too many universes
- with more popularity alternate realities approach infinity
- collide with ours - increase psychosis when they don't split properly
- next step - push into them and use them instead of split and die off
- would appreciate all funding
- Pornoverse overtakes our own?
-- Shooters will keep up, so no worries
- Needs more funding
- Are these universes fire?
-- Need more money

#4: Matt:
"Prescient Luddites and the Pseudo-Life of Technology"
- symbiotic or parasitic
- No tech without us
- Guided evolution
- Techniclorians - light and dark side
- loer life not strong in it so can't use it as well
- For example: Terminator and South Park
-- They no longer need us, techniclorians unmask themselves and we may be redundant
-- Also, vehicles observing them makes them hide
- And if you don't believe me, you're a racist

Blake: Quantum Computing Technology
- Something about dinosaurs
- Dionychus humping brachiosaur found in China
- Pelvic thrusting capacities
- Chicken mating videos
- And why they were named thunder lizards in the first place
- Simulation/reconstruction of facial expressions and stuff
- Triceratops (which are horny) and romance?
- Max penetration depth
-- outlier of 80m - may be collapsing of multiple layers
-- when we got to the devonian, we thought something was fishy

Thank you everybody.
The trophy this year went to Blake Hutchins, who was voted by the members of the Consortium by a landslide, for Dinosaur Penetration

The next conference will be some time in May, and the topic is Pleistocene Anything

See you there.