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Platypus Consortium [Nov. 7th, 2015|09:39 pm]
Just got back from the First Quarterly Platypus Consortium. Thank you all who came!

Here are my notes from the presenters. Feel free to add your own memories and notes of what was presented. Like the presentations themselves, accuracy of notes are not guaranteed. Completion of notes is not even attempted. Instead, what we have here are random snippets from each speaker:

- "Hold my beer"
- "Mommy, lookit!"
- (No children were involved in the beer study)

- Population and running cars - ratio is constant
- Correlation, conservation of momentum
- Totality of Motive Force

Pat, Other:
- "Down With the Wu"
- Resource distribution
- Pirate: Sailing around and drinking rum
- Ninja: Directed violence

Meisha: "Evolutionary dead ends"
- Dragons, et al, on tapestries - proof of existence
- Gone with magic
- Rhinos are stoner unicorns who gave up magic for weed

Pat, Original:
(Notes were taken by Other Pat, therefore accuracy in this document is not guaranteed)

Pat talked about stuff
No one laughed. Everyone was sad.
The end.

3.5th era? I am embarrassed for you.
It's a good thing yer purty, Pat.

Connor and Kylan: Aquatic Apes
- They had a diagram
- And napkins with words
- "World can't handle their shit"
- We need grant money
- And beer

- Irish - European white trash
- Ranking races best to worst
-- Irish at the bottom of the list. (cf: The classic documentary "Blazing Saddles")

- Horses: missing teeth
- Dentition similar throughout region - leads to genetic toothlessness
- "Ethnographic" - I AM a cultural anthropologist

- Mermaids are so nar!
- Everyone after Matt quoted him: "And if you disagree with me, you're racist."

Finally, the vote, by anonymous ballot (Some people may have voted more than once)
Twins: 2
Cromwell: 3
Pluther: 2
Meisha: 2
Makaela: 3
Chantel: 1

Since there was a tie, it was settled by the roll of a twenty-sided die. Makaela rolled first, and got an 18, but then Other Pat rolled a 19, beating the DC and taking home the trophy!

It was decided by general acclaim and pronouncement that the next quarterly meeting of the Platypus Consortium will be in January and that theme then will be Technology. You have until then to prepare your presentations.

On a personal note, I had a great time, and thank you everyone for coming!