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No longer querying Yellow Tape and Coffee. Here's why.

I am no longer querying for my novel Yellow Tape and Coffee.

Querying, for those who haven’t been obsessed with publishing for the last five years, is the act of trying to find an agent. It is a long process involving sending various combinations of maybe your first few pages, a “query letter”, a synopsis, a blurb, a short list of similar books, or whatever is asked for -- every agent has a different list -- to a series of agents. Ideally, one of them eventually offers you representation. 100 seems to be about the right number to contact before one does.

Once you’ve chosen one to represent your book, they then sell it to the publisher, negotiate the contract, sell the TV rights to HBO and keep 15% of the millions of dollars they’ve gotten for you.

Well, ideally. I, however, am not doing that anymore.

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